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Gerald Anderson Memorial 5K
What other's have to say.
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What other's have to say.

Check out what other people are saying.

"The best 5K race in Utah!  The GLA Memorial 5K course offers runners a scenic tour through the best of Morgan.  June is the perfect time to come out and enjoy the cool, crisp mountain Morgan air.  The Anderson family does a superb job in staging the race and honoring the memory of their patriarch, Gerald L. Anderson.  It’s an honor to run the race and all of us at Striders feel privileged in supporting the event year after year.  It’s such great cause for the city of Morgan, its Historical Society and the memory of Gerald; we wouldn’t miss it for the world."
  John Wojciechowski--Owner of Striders running store.
"A great event that emphasizes charity, family, and winning for every person regardless of there finish time or placement."
Joe Laing--North Ogden, Utah
 "I guarantee the course record will be broken this year, I may not win the race but I will fun faster than 16:33 so whoever does win will break the record. And I, Mark Jolley, will be supplying fresh (corn) at the finish line for all who are interested".

Mark Jolley (2 time winner, but not quite course record holder)--Farr West, Utah
"Not only is the Gerald Anderson Memorial  the best race in Morgan, it is also the best race I have ever run!!! The atmosphere is great and I always seem to do good on race day."
                                            - Tyson Jex --Morgan, Utah
"The Gerald Anderson Memorial 5K was an inspiration to me.  I was
inspired by the fact that I was beaten by 6-5 guys in high tops.  I was
inspired by the fact that I was beaten by women who out weighed me and I
out heighted them.  I was inspired by the fact that the whole affair was
indeed a family affair!  Keep up the good work.  See you next time!"

Dan Walker-- Weber State University Track and Field Head coach
"I owe everything that is good in my life to the Gerald Anderson Memorial

               -David Dean--Morgan, Utah
"Snakes on the or be eaten"

Nathan Murdock--Syracuse, UT (By way of Morgan, UT)

"The Gerald Anderson Memorial 5K is one of the best 5K’s in Utah. Not only do you get to run through the picturesque town of Morgan, the course is fantastic. It offers a nice little rolling hill but the rest is lightning fast and flat. Brad and Amber do a great job in generating sponsorship support that provides participants with the best post-race raffle I have ever seen. I never win at race raffles but I have won there. If you are looking for a fun race that is managed by runners that know what runners are looking for, this is the race."

Kurt Black—Layton, UT—(All-American Steeple chase runner at Weber State University-Former Professional runner)

"By far the best race I have ever run. You can tell that these guys are REAL runners by the way they put on this race. The course is great. Knowing these guys the alternate course this year will be great. Gerald would be honored. It's no wonder this race attracts so many people from out of town."
Dr. Jordan Hackworth- Seattle, WA
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Named "Best race that runs this exact race course" by Exactly the Best Monthly

Gerald Anderson Memorial 5K


Voted race "Most likely to be voted best race", Likely The Best Magazine.